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Welcome to ProDent Clinic!

Welcome to a Family Dental Clinic

Professional dental clinic ProDent offers the whole range of dentistry services: treatment of caries, gum diseases, tooth whitening, implantation, dentures (crowns installation), surgery, occlusion correction (braces) etc. Our dentists will help you solve any dental problem painless and carefully

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Our Clients Say


“Sie sind alle so nett hier und mein Kater hat hier keine Angst vorm Tierarzt.”

Hannah mit Katze Fridolin, 4 Jahre

Hannah mit Katze Fridolin, 4 Jahre

“Ich komme mit meinem Hund Tasha immer in die Tierordination Kramberger. Die Ordinationshilfen und Dr. Kramberger nehmen sich Zeit und finden immer eine gute Behandlung. Ich fühl mich sehr gut aufgehoben bei diesem Team.”

Johannes mit Hund Tasha

Johannes mit Hund Tasha

Only Highly Qualified Dentists

Our team has expert professionals who are immensely experienced for several years.

Highly Qualified Dentists

Team of Professionals

Lena Holzschuh

Tierärztliche Assistentin

Julia Cacha


Tanja Galirow


Tina Müller

Why choose us

Our goal is to make sure with advances in technology

Our dental clinic is a modern facility, with a dental team who will take time to listen to your dental needs, and provide you with high quality dental care.

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Cavity Protection 98%
Gum Disease 99%
Cosmetic Dentistry 100%
Orthodontics 98%

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